Monday, 24 August 2015

That friend...

Do you have THAT friend.

I mean the friend that always seem like he/she is annoyed with you. Even if you say no to something they want to do they will rant on and on and on at you until you give in?

I do, lets call her Ella!

Okay so Ella ( not real name) asked me to come out with her to hang, with her and another friend. I just didn't want to go out I wanted to have a comfy day in and browse the internet all day. She started at me questioning my health! She said its not healthy for you to stay in all day everyday (which I don't) I mean seriously? if you want me to come out in the first place you do not question my health because its my choice what I want to do and it has nothing to do with you!

And another thing!

You can always tell if shes annoyed with you because she will always send the dreaded "K" which really annoys me because you know he/she is annoyed at you but you can't bring it up because if you do she will get mad.....

What about you??

Do you have THAT friend?

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Crystal, Offline xxx

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