Monday, 24 August 2015

School Worries

Goodmorning everyone!

Im going down to the library today to help my friends out with blogger. They are twins however they want to remain completely anonymous aswell. So if I mention any of my friends im going to make up name for them.

The Twins "Anna", "Chelsea"

Its not there real names but I get that they want to remain anonymous. They are the only people that know that i'm doing these blogs.

I'm having a great summer , well sorta.

Do you ever get it when your "Bestfriends" in school ditch you in the summer and maybe hangout with you once. And when you go back to school they say they miss you!

I'm getting that the only thing i'm hating at the moment. Theres one week left of summer and to be honest i'm scared...

I'm starting my GCSE's (sat's, grades etc.). What will happen if i'm not in classes with anyone one I know. There's a lot of people in my year I don't really like . The reason being? They don't like me.
The reason why? I'm not like them :
They swear - I don't
They drink - I don't
They smoke - I don't
They do drugs - I don't

What about you?

Are you scared about going back to school?
Is there peopl,e you dont like in you school?
Do your bestfriends ditch you in summer?

Crystal, Offline xxx

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  1. I always used to be nervous, but I sort of got over the fact that if no-one likes me then thats their problem.