Sunday, 30 August 2015

Getting Grounded

Today I was out with a whole bunch of friends. To many to name them all.

But my mum told me to be in before dark.  Bare in mind I have a very poor sense of time.
My phone ran out of charge so my mum and dad couldn't text or call me.

Its the next day. lol.

So yeah I was meant to be grounded but my mum let me out!

Btw I have a crush ( To the twins who know who I am you are not knowing who it is!)

When I was out the night I got grounded. I went out with a group of about 12-13 people.
There was this guy there he was tall with dark hair and brown eyes I found him soo cute. + Icaught him looking at me like twice.

He is soooooo cute!

Cant wait to hang out with them again!

Crystal, Offline xxx

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