Monday, 31 August 2015

The Final Day.


Today is the last day of summer and to be honest not a lot happend,

Everyone has been sorting out school stuff so no one wanted to come out. This year in school all the girls in my year have to wear a tie. My dad taught me how to do it and I've been practising.

Its been boring the rest of the day really but that boy from Sunday I just cant stop thinking about him.

I dont know why I just can't.

Well I'll tell you how school goes tomorrow!

Crystal, Offline xxx

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Getting Grounded

Today I was out with a whole bunch of friends. To many to name them all.

But my mum told me to be in before dark.  Bare in mind I have a very poor sense of time.
My phone ran out of charge so my mum and dad couldn't text or call me.

Its the next day. lol.

So yeah I was meant to be grounded but my mum let me out!

Btw I have a crush ( To the twins who know who I am you are not knowing who it is!)

When I was out the night I got grounded. I went out with a group of about 12-13 people.
There was this guy there he was tall with dark hair and brown eyes I found him soo cute. + Icaught him looking at me like twice.

He is soooooo cute!

Cant wait to hang out with them again!

Crystal, Offline xxx

Friday, 28 August 2015

T- 3 Days and Counting!

Ok 3 days left of summer :(

I'm getting more and more nervous!!

The 1st years and 6th forms went back yesterday I think??

I went and got the final few bits and pieces for school and i now have my whole school uniform and all of my stationery. I want to go back but I don't at the same time because there quite the few people I don't want to see there.

Any ways I don't know hat to do with myself i'm so so nervous please help!

Crystal, Offline xxx

Thursday, 27 August 2015

What just happend?

Ok,so my favourite author Cathy Cassidy just asked me to do a segment for her blog! Its about My blog being about my online diary check it out

I cant believe this happend Cathy if your reading this Thank You

Crystal, Offline xx

Im sorry guys!

Hey guys!

I'm sorry there wasn't really a blog yesterday. I'm not really well I have a really bad cough so I didn't really go apart from helping my friend with something.

This blog has 2 followers and 217 page and i'm shocked I really didn't think I'd get that far, this fast. My next goal is to get more followers and to get this blog out there. I'll update later on as i'm not sure if anything else is going to happen today.

It's summer right now but there is 4 days left. A whole 2 months of sleeping in and late nights but its so hard. I can barely sleep so I need to get my sleep schedule right because if I don't I'm going to be really tired and thats not good because its gcse year and I need to stay focused.

I know people are going to be like but it's school no one likes it.

Well its important. Important to me anyway.

You see I have a lot going on my subjects are:

Learning for Life at Work
Long Course R.E
Business Communication Systems

So yea you can see what I mean by having a lot going on.

If you going to school and worried just breath you will be fine because as soon as you're out of there your free.
Then you have a choice depending on what you want to do for a job.
I want to be a french teacher so I need these grades.
And I need to go to college.

What about you!

What do you want to be when your older?

Crystal, Offline xxx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Good morning! well I say its morning but its nearly afternoon.


Because no matter how hard I try I can't sleep until 4-5 am!

I hate it so much. Anyway I was helping my friend set up a Twitter account. It was a hassel and a half. She was at her house and ask me to verify it but that included me having to get her password and the account that she made was suspended for suspicious activity! Really?!

Today I have just gotten up and I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do today.

I'm eating breakfast, a bowl of Krave as usual.

I dont't have any questions for you today but Have a Great Day!

Crysta, Offline xxx

Monday, 24 August 2015

Dedicated to Zoe Sugg (ZOELLA)

Okay I may not have mentioned this before but the reason i started a blog because I recently got a book by Zoe Sugg called girl online!

Not only did the book inspire me to make a blog but Zoe herself did.

The way Zoe put up with panic attacks and anxiety is just truly inspirng!!


What about you?

Do you know Zoe?

What do you like about her?

Crystal, Offline xxx

That friend...

Do you have THAT friend.

I mean the friend that always seem like he/she is annoyed with you. Even if you say no to something they want to do they will rant on and on and on at you until you give in?

I do, lets call her Ella!

Okay so Ella ( not real name) asked me to come out with her to hang, with her and another friend. I just didn't want to go out I wanted to have a comfy day in and browse the internet all day. She started at me questioning my health! She said its not healthy for you to stay in all day everyday (which I don't) I mean seriously? if you want me to come out in the first place you do not question my health because its my choice what I want to do and it has nothing to do with you!

And another thing!

You can always tell if shes annoyed with you because she will always send the dreaded "K" which really annoys me because you know he/she is annoyed at you but you can't bring it up because if you do she will get mad.....

What about you??

Do you have THAT friend?

If so? Email me or comment below and please share with friends if you enjoy my blogposts!!!

Crystal, Offline xxx

Day Out!

Ok so other than the small accident earlier, today has been great!

I'm at the twins house right now writing this watching pretty little liars. It's ok but its not really my thing but i'm sure i'll get into it sooner or later.

Thats all for now but i'll update you soon!

Crystal, Offline xxx

Razor/Street Surfers

Ok so I was out with Chelsea and Anna.

They got this thing called a Street Surfer or a Razor Skateboard. Neither of them were very good at it but they were beginners. We all took turns on it because we have never really been on one before.
Me and Anna were helping Chelsea balance going down a hill. Me and Anna let go and Chelsea went on for quite a while but she soon fell. She fell and cut her knee. Now we are in the library where we helped her clean up and this is where I am writing this blog.

How about you?

Has this ever happend to you or one of your friends?

Email me or comment below!!!!

Crystal, Offline xxx

School Worries

Goodmorning everyone!

Im going down to the library today to help my friends out with blogger. They are twins however they want to remain completely anonymous aswell. So if I mention any of my friends im going to make up name for them.

The Twins "Anna", "Chelsea"

Its not there real names but I get that they want to remain anonymous. They are the only people that know that i'm doing these blogs.

I'm having a great summer , well sorta.

Do you ever get it when your "Bestfriends" in school ditch you in the summer and maybe hangout with you once. And when you go back to school they say they miss you!

I'm getting that the only thing i'm hating at the moment. Theres one week left of summer and to be honest i'm scared...

I'm starting my GCSE's (sat's, grades etc.). What will happen if i'm not in classes with anyone one I know. There's a lot of people in my year I don't really like . The reason being? They don't like me.
The reason why? I'm not like them :
They swear - I don't
They drink - I don't
They smoke - I don't
They do drugs - I don't

What about you?

Are you scared about going back to school?
Is there peopl,e you dont like in you school?
Do your bestfriends ditch you in summer?

Crystal, Offline xxx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hi there just an update!

I have made a twitter account for the blog!

Its @Crystal_B_Blogs

Crystal, Offline xxx

My life.

This blog will be about anything!

If its boys, love , family anything really.
Basically my online diary!

I'm gonna keep this one short as i'm in the process of making a twitter account for this blog so eventually you can contact me there!

Please, come back for updates!

Crystal, Offline xxx

Ok, Lets Do This!


My first blog! This going to take some getting used to...

I've wanted to create a blog for some time now but I wanted to remain completely anonymous because I thought it would be fun.

Heres the basics:

1) I am 14 years old.
2) I want this to be my diary online.
3)I will remain anonymous until I chose to reveal my identity.
4)I am with-holding my real name so refer to me as Crystal.

Cant wait to see whats this is going to to turn out to be!
Looking forward to it!

Crystal, Offline xxx