Thursday, 27 August 2015

Im sorry guys!

Hey guys!

I'm sorry there wasn't really a blog yesterday. I'm not really well I have a really bad cough so I didn't really go apart from helping my friend with something.

This blog has 2 followers and 217 page and i'm shocked I really didn't think I'd get that far, this fast. My next goal is to get more followers and to get this blog out there. I'll update later on as i'm not sure if anything else is going to happen today.

It's summer right now but there is 4 days left. A whole 2 months of sleeping in and late nights but its so hard. I can barely sleep so I need to get my sleep schedule right because if I don't I'm going to be really tired and thats not good because its gcse year and I need to stay focused.

I know people are going to be like but it's school no one likes it.

Well its important. Important to me anyway.

You see I have a lot going on my subjects are:

Learning for Life at Work
Long Course R.E
Business Communication Systems

So yea you can see what I mean by having a lot going on.

If you going to school and worried just breath you will be fine because as soon as you're out of there your free.
Then you have a choice depending on what you want to do for a job.
I want to be a french teacher so I need these grades.
And I need to go to college.

What about you!

What do you want to be when your older?

Crystal, Offline xxx

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